I can't believe it has been two weeks since Blogher 2015! I still feel like I am catching my breath. But I owe you all a short update:
  • Friday's keynote was amazing! I was super nervous, but once I got up on stage talking about this project I was good to go. I did go off script so I failed to mention a few things I did want to say. Especially about how the people who have been most active in #365FeministSelfie are not famous feminists. The hashtag is often their refuge in a world where being a feminist can feel lonely if you do not have a local feminist gang to support you. 
  • While I felt like everywhere I went people were telling me how amazing the project sounded, two people stood out among the well wishers. Marian came to find me once my 10x10 was over and I sat down for lunch. She has a blog to countdown to her 70th birthday. Marian told me that she recently realized how few pictures she had of her life, but would start to use selfies to leave some great pics behind for her children & grandchildren. Then there was Lorne who runs Raising Sienna, his blog about being a dad with depression. He wrote me a note that said he wanted to take a lot of what I had said in my talk home to his daughter for future use. Lorne, as many men have & still do, struggles with his own body image and thinks that incorporating more selfies into his routine with his daughter will benefit both of them.
  •  #365FeministSelfie was mentioned in a few Blogher 2015 round up posts! Thanks to Bella & to Blogher founder, Jory Des Jardins.
  • November Retreat: We are still working on all the fine details, but we do plan to hold a retreat in Columbus, Ohio the weekend of November 6th.  
    • The Portland retreat's schedule was Friday dinner (optional), Saturday all day programming, Sunday morning programming. I hope to stick to that formula. 
  • AUCTION!! We are putting together an auction that should launch in the next few weeks to help cover the expenses of the retreat. The Portland retreat raised enough money that it was a no cost (but bare bones) retreat. 
I have a lot to still dig out from due to Blogher, so thanks for being patient!


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