Happy New Year from #365FeministSelfie

Yup...we are doing this thing again!

But I want to share a new spin on the photo challenge. One selfieist on Instagram thought up #365FeministLife to use this year. From what I can tell selfies are definitely cool for the challenge, but the life part of the hashtag allows you to NOT selfie on some or most days, but to show the world how you live a feminist life. HOW COOL IS THAT?! I am looking forward to a lot of every day feminist life photos.

Also be sure to keep an eye on #366FeministSelfie as it is a leap year. Some of us will also be using #365FeministSelfieLeapDay on February 29th.

In other words, because it's a leap year, it might be a hot mess around the hashtag! But as always it will be a lot of fun and discovery.

I hope you will (continue to) join us for another year of awesome.


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