We're half way through Women's History Month! And to help us get through the rest of the month of selfies here is the second half of the photo challenge. Enjoy!

Wagatwe Wanjuki from New Jersey 

How long have you been participating in #365FeministSelfie? 
I am pretty sure I've been following since the beginning! Or something close to that.

Why did you join the project? 
I joined it because I loved the idea of producing my own media as an act of resistance to the underrepresentation of Black women in mainstream media. It felt like a great self-affirming way to do a "snap back" to racist norms that deem "unattractive." I also was terrible at taking selfies and I knew that I needed to practice more if I want to get any better. I must admit I am way better at taking them now.

What has been the best/most interesting part of the project for you? Have you learned something about yourself? Met a new BFF? 
The project has helped me become more comfortable with how I look in photos. Before the project, I always kind of hated how I looked in photographs and often avoided participating in photos. But as I posted more selfies I got more comfortable with seeing how I look. I have learned that I like to be in control - and that I think I have a pretty darn cute face.

How many pictures do you snap for each selfie you share? 
It all depends. I don't post every day anymore. I have shifted to mostly doing selfies on significant days or in significant locations. So sometimes I might have one. Other times I may have taken a lot so I can see which looks best.

Have you ever received any negative comments for being in the project? 
No I haven't, actually! If anyone has said anything then I must have missed it (thankfully)!

How do you do feminism? 
I do feminism by making the belief that everyone deserve equity my own. I do my best in my even seemingly mundane actions to promote a more just world — that could go from taking selfies every day to speaking publicly about sexual violence to helping a young woman to negotiate for a higher salary.

You can find Wagatwe on Instagram and at http://wagatwe.com/. And yes, her selfie is from the Oscars. Wagatwe was one of the survivors on stage with Lady Gaga during her performance of "Til It Happens to You" at the 2016 Oscars.